Frequently Asked Questions

Why was Cirris’ business purchased by Schleuniger?

Cirris has been an industry friend and technology partner with Schleuniger for over 20 years. Our two companies have always enjoyed a great working relationship in the electrical wire and harness industry. We have shared tradeshow space, advertising, and co-sponsoring of industry events. As Schleuniger contemplated acquisition targets within the industry, Cirris topped their list. Schleuniger approached Cirris and negotiated a deal that benefits both of our companies as well as our customers.

The signing of the transaction agreement that took place on June 30 and the subsequent closing on September 1, 2020 (“closing date”) mark milestones for both companies.

With Cirris’ business now under ownership of a new legal entity (Cirris, Inc.), what about my current quotes, warranties, contracts, and other ongoing commitments?

As previously announced, quotes that were created before the closing date with our Salt Lake City site remain valid after the closing date with the new owner of the business, the newly established Cirris, Inc., for 30 days unless specified otherwise. Check your quote and talk to your salesperson for details. All other contracts are honored for their duration also after the completion date.

Will my Cirris Sales Representative change?

No changes will be made to representation. Because of our friendly history with Schleuniger, Cirris already shares more than 80% of Schleuniger’s distribution network. Customers around the world can communicate with their same sales representatives in Salt Lake City.

Will the closing affect the level of service that I am used to from Cirris?

No. We will continue to provide exemplary service to all our customers. The addition of Schleuniger will provide a more favorable experience as we will provide more insight into your full cable assembly process.

How will this impact billing or shipping?

Now, after the closing, the business of Cirris Systems Corp. has been transferred to Cirris, Inc. with the address for billing and shipping remaining 401 N 5600 W, Salt Lake City, Utah 84116.

Will any Cirris contact information change? Is Cirris changing its name?

After the closing date, the new entity, Cirris, Inc. will carry on Cirris Systems Corp’s business and will have the following new USA Tax ID Number: 85-1800632

Besides this, no other contact information will change. All phone numbers, addresses, website domains, and email addresses will not change. Your Cirris sales rep in Salt Lake City can provide you with a new W9 form as needed.

Will this affect pricing? If so, can I get the new price list?

No. Schleuniger’s acquisition of Cirris will not affect Cirris pricing. Pricing is subject to change based on increased value added, business costs and the economy. We try to keep price increases to once a year when possible. Contact your Cirris sales rep in Salt Lake City for the most recent price list.

Aren't Cirris and adaptronic competitors?

Not really. adaptronic Prüftechnik GmbH is a wiring and functional test systems manufacturer based in Germany and today heavily focused on the EMEA market. The majority of the company was acquired by Schleuniger at the beginning of 2018. While both Cirris and adaptronic manufacture high-quality test equipment, our market strategies and application ranges are very complementary. Now with Cirris as part of Schleuniger, we will work with adaptronic to provide a wider range of solutions, applications and a better geographic coverage to meet your testing challenges for today and tomorrow.

How about Cirris and Schleuniger Test Automation?

The German Schleuniger Test Automation GmbH (former Cirris Solutions GmbH) was acquired by Schleuniger mid 2015 and was their first step into testing applications. The combination is also very complementary. Cirris and Schleuniger Test Automation have worked together for more than 3 decades. Cirris will be able to scale the expertise of Schleuniger Test Automation in the NAFTA region. Together with adaptronic and Schleuniger Test Automation we at Cirris form the “Best-in-Test” alliance which we see as a leading group of companies in terms of technology, application bandwidth, and industry coverage. By working together closely, we aim to be your partner for every testing solution.

Will Cirris offer support for Schleuniger and adaptronic products?

No. Cirris will not offer support for Schleuniger or adaptronic products at this time. In the future, we may offer support for adaptronic products in the US market. For the time being, if you own an adaptronic test system, please visit the adaptronic support page. If you own a Schleuniger Test Automation product, please visit the Schleuniger support page.

What if I don't use Schleuniger products?

You do not need to be a Schleuniger customer to start or continue your relationship with Cirris, Inc.. Cirris, Inc. will continue serving the wire processing industry with our quality test systems.

Do I have to reapply for Net 30?

No. You do not need to reapply for Net 30 unless your status has changed. You will need to get a new W9 and packet from Cirris, Inc. as our tax ID number in your records are now need to be changed after the closing date. Contact your Cirris sales representative in Salt Lake City for a new W9 form.

Will my existing NDA with Cirris still be valid?

Check your NDA to ensure the wording specifies Cirris or their designee or assignee. If you have any questions or concerns, email us your latest mutual NDA to have the signature, names, and dates updated, as the Cirris Systems Corp’s business has been transferred to the newly established Cirris, Inc.